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Road to Recovery 

This project is focused on providing patient beds for the Emmanuel Clinic located in the Village of Rwakayata, Uganda.  The clinic currently sees people strictly on a out-patient basis, but needs over-night and beyond patient-care.



I-20 Expressway 

This project is focused on higher education.  It provides students of Africa an opportunity for dual enrollment in their local school and accredited US schools.  Upon graduating secondary school, they can apply for the I-20 and continue their education in the USA.

The Strikers Club 

This project is focused on providing soccer gear and uniforms to the underprivleged youth of Kampala, Uganda inner-city.  In Kampala, soccer provides the youth with an outlet and hope for a brighter future.



International Academy of Excellence

R.O.M.I. is elated to establish International Schools for local students to participate in an Academy of Academic Excellence while earning an American Accredited education which will open doors and opportunities for them to attend their choice of higher learning institutes globally!

Nehemiah Project 

R.O.M.I. aids villages like Soroti, Uganda and Homa Bay, Kenya to build up their schools, churchs, and the community. This project partners with the village to see the successful constrution of needed facilities.



Economic Growth Initiative 

R.O.M.I. endeavors to empower local entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and invigorate their local economy.  We work with several investors in aiding these business owners with startup captial as well as legal and marketing guidance.

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